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Whats’on Box mainly produce high-quality and delicate boxes including wine box, toy box, candy/chocolate gift box, cosmetics gift box, shoe box, tea box, nutrition product box, perfume/jewelry gift box and other high-end packaging boxes. We supply the packaging solutions including die-line/color/boxes design, sample making, packaging accessories supply, massive production, and after-sale service.

Whats’on Box was established in 1989. With more than 30-year experience in packaging area, we exactly understand the importance of the design, machinery and service. In recent year, we have developed into a scale packaging company with more than 20000 square meters factory, over 200 workers team, a professional designer team and an efficient packaging engineer group. Our machinery includes advanced Germany Heidelberg/KBA 4/6/8-color printing machine, foldable box machine, automatic box-shaping machine and other facilities. We are very sure that every customer's need can be satisfied here with our products.

Whether new or old customers, we always maintain deep communication to understand their product requirements. So that our designer can always supply different packaging solutions and we will make sample boxes for each solution that we supplied. Our customers could always see how their brands be shown on different solutions and all they need to do was just making a choice. So far, we have been covering most of the paper packaging box design and our customers could always choose what they need on our website

Once the order has been placed, We will start our production. The product inspection on each production procedure must will be executed to ensure the product quality. Moreover. We will also do sampling inspection on each batch of final production. If further issues were happened,fully inspection would be deployed to ensure everything is going right. For those defective products that we shipped to our customers. We could re-produce the product and ship again for free. According to our service code. We were always being responsible for our customers and products.

Now, the corona-virus is spreading quickly in the different countries , which increase the demand of the mask, protective suit and medical equipment rapidly. To respond the virus. we organized our resources to set up the mask production line in very short run. So that our customer could also purchase mask, protective suit and medical equipment on our website. Customers with any requirements just click the "COVID-19" in the navigation bar to have more details.

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Custom service includes three steps such as pre-order, producing and after-sale.



1. Quick quotation. Customers need to provide precise detail of the packaging box such as quantity, size, craftwork, box design, choosing material and delivery time. If the box is simple, we can provide quotation in 24 hours. If the box need complicated material, we normally need 3-5 days so that we have enough time to find the special material. If customers can provice us the box sample, that will be a great help to our sampling speed and quality.

2. Design service. We provide the packaging box design service for customers. Customers can tell us the required box shape, the product theme or cretive design and let us design the box. We will produce the design picture for production at the end. The design service will be charged and the design fee depends on the complexity of the box design. If customer place enough order of box production, this fee can be deducted from the payment of next order. We will provide the amount of order for deduction on our quotation.

3. Free sample. Once the design and quotation is decided, we will go into the sampling round. All the fee produced in this step should be payed by customer at first and when the customer place enough order, the fee will also be deducted from the payment of next order. Every time before we produce a sample, we will communicate the sampling fee and certain amount for deduction with customers. If the sampling process involves mailing fee, the fee should be payed by customers and can not be deducted.

4. The sample producing time is around 3-7 days.

5. Choosing of material, if customers already have a precise design, we can purchase all the material for customers. If customers only have an idea of the material or need some comparation of material, we can provide suggestion of material choosing and also find some special material. This service is free.

6. Suggestion providing. We will provide professional suggestion to customers for reference before we produce the box. For example, if we are going to produce cosmetics packaging box, we will provide suggestion like what kind of material will promote the cosmetics product and what kind of design is popular in cosmetics box. This service is also free.



1. When everything is ready, we will need to make a standard official sample, which means all the product we produce later will all follow the quality of this sample. We will keep one sample and customer will also have one. This sample will also be charged and deducted from the payment when the order is enough.

2. Process communication. We will keep communicating the prodution progress with customers and let customers to know the first time information of the product so that they can plan their production or selling.

3. Normal production time is around 6-10 days. The production time will be provided on the quotation.



1. Defective production return. If customers find that the product is different from the standard sample, we will investigate the problem. If we find out the problem is because of us and the amount is not to big, we can re-produce the product for free. If the transportation is allowed, we will take back all the defective product and re-produce all of them. If the transportation is not allowed, we will re-produce the product of the next order. If the amount of defective product is significately large, we will need to negociate with customers for the solution.

2. The re-production time is around 3-5 days.




Watson Printing and Packaging CO,. Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

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