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  • Date:2020/08/15

With the passage of time, everything has changed its size, shape, and color according to the needs and wants of people.  So are the magnetic gift boxes wholesale by Whatson’s Boxes that carry many things around the world including toys and gifts? Boxes have become comfortable, attractive, and easy to handle with a variety of designs to carry whatever thing is inside them.

Those days are long gone when people used rectangle-shaped boxes for everything. Now shapes are customized according to the accessories that needs to be packed. The packing box is as much as necessary as the things inside it. Everything needs wrapping box and Whatson’s company produces boxes for toys, cosmetics, candy, wine and many other accessories. All thanks to the technology and modernization we have now unlimited customization options to make the required box for a particular item according to the client’s demand.


The Whatson Company is in the business of making high quality gift packaging supplier wholesale that can be used to pack anything ranging from wine, candy, cosmetics, to simple toys and food items. The company established itself in 1989 and it has been 30 years and since then they are pushing themselves to deliver the best packaging boxes to their clients. They don’t only manufacture but also manages gift packaging supplies wholesale as well. With the packaging industry changing towards sustainable and green approach, Watson has also been following the same footsteps. They make boxes from a suitable material according to the client’s needs.

The process of making a box for a thing usually happens in steps. First, you choose the material and let the company know that you want this material. Secondly, you choose the shape of your box. It is ideal to have the product in front of you to decide which shape suits it better. Lastly, the company will show you templates to choose a design or if you had something in your mind, you could let them know as well. You can have font style and writing colors of your choice as well. The goal is to manage a design that compliments the product inside the box.


Let’s suppose, if you have placed an order of toy boxes, the company will make you either paper boxes or hardboard boxes that hold the toys properly. As for the printing and designing, the company uses advanced Germany Heidelberg/KBA 4/6/8-color printing machine, foldable machine, and automatic box shaping machine. These machines ensure that every box is precisely cut and folded while the designing machine designs the box with the perfect designs that you choose to print on the boxes and packages. They have got an extensive range of toy magnetic gift boxes wholesale that include square-shaped boxes, and rectangular-shaped boxes. You can put any type of toys in them and give them to anyone or sell them. They also have luxury gift boxes wholesale that can be used as gift boxes on different occasions such as christening, baby shower, Christmas, and birthday parties.





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