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  • Date:2021/08/23

Custom cosmetic packaging suppliers are taking over the packaging market with the increasing launch of new products and demand for customized designs by brands. Wondering how to store and ship your cosmetics, jewelry, or edible food item for your brand? Well, you can always get a cosmetic packaging box! These boxes are very spacious from the inside and creative and fun from the outside, which makes them very demanding and pristine. They can be carried around effectively and can be used anytime and anywhere, as they are made up of high-quality material which protects your products from environmental and transportation damage.


What’s on box is one of the leading cosmetic box packaging manufacturers in China. At what’s on box, we offer high-quality customized cosmetic packaging boxes that cater to an extensive line of cosmetic products. What’s on box has managed to become one of the top-rated customized cosmetic packaging suppliers with the help of premium quality materials, advanced printing mechanisms, and a highly professional team that helps us to create spell-binding designs to attract potential customers. What’s on box is a customized cosmetic box company, and we offer premium quality packaging boxes at the most affordable rates with the shortest turn around time.


On the look out for customized cosmetic packaging boxes that are not only eye-catching but provide safety to your products as well. Well, looks like you stumbled across the right page. At what’s on box, we have an extensive portfolio of cosmetic packaging boxes which will not only highlight your brand but portray the image and story of your brand as well and that also in a unique way. The C-16 cosmetic packaging box can prove to be the choice for you if you are selling high end products and prefer a minimalist design. The luxury cosmetic box is composed of a special paper on the upper surface with the wood board, while the bottom is composed of a 1200g greyboard plus velveteen. The box is white and has gold stamping so your logo can stand out but not overshadow the product. The box is suitable for small bottles and consists of a sponge on the inside, so the bottle remains fixed and does not move. If your brand is more nature-based, then the C-12 packaging box can be the one for you.


With its nature-based theme and bulging text, the product is highlighted, and the customer can instantly grab the main concept of the brand. The box has a connecting box design with gloss lamination, which protects it from dust and scratches. If you are in search of a multi-purpose box, then the C-1 cosmetic packaging box with gloss lamination can prove to be the best fit for you. The C-1 packaging box has a book shape box design that is composed of the finest 1300g gray board, Double-Coated Paper, and a magnet to close the box. The box is ideal for packing cookies, coffees, and cosmetics as they have grids inside the box which fit the shape of the products so they don’t get damaged during transportation. What’s on box is a customized cosmetic packaging supplier,  If you want to get your box customized, you can always reach out to us and our highly talented design team will work with you, so you can add your little touch to your packaging and make it stand out. 




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