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  • Date:2020/08/11

Every passing day we have been seeing diversity in normal things like we used to get 2, 3 flavors of cereal but now it is more than that and the whole shelf is covered with it. Things have been changed and so are the sizes, shapes, and colors on their boxes. The same thing has happened with the cosmetic industry. Usually, we focus on the lipstick, mascara, foundation, but there is a whole new range of cosmetics that were not in use 20 years ago. Each of them needs an attractive packaging, this is why Whatson’s Boxes offers custom cosmetic packaging boxes. The company has been manufacturing cardboard cosmetics packaging and cosmetic paper box for various cosmetic companies.

Cosmetic boxes wholesale can be very cost-effective for your entire cosmetics range. The boxes made by Whatson’s Boxes are made with good quality cardboard. Some of these boxes are all covered while some of them have a plastic window that shows off the product from the outside. All of these boxes can have customized designs as per your requirement. For starters, the company shows you a long range of boxes they have already made for other companies, you can choose from them but if you have a specific design in your mind, they can manufacture that as well.  

Generally, Whatson’s Boxes is a cosmetic gift box factory that handles all sorts of packaging material for your cosmetic and skincare products. Besides the cosmetic boxes, they make toy boxes, food boxes, candy boxes, wine boxes as well. They make comfortable, attractive, and easy to handle paper and wooden boxes with a variety of designs to carry different things. For cosmetics, there are rectangular and square boxes. It doesn’t matter if your cosmetic products are in round shape packaging because custom cosmetic packaging boxes will adjust them into the boxes.   

The Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd is in the business of making paper boxes that can be used to pack various products and used as gift boxes. The boxes are manufactured with high-quality material that is sustainable and environment-friendly. They also use paper that is fully recyclable. They also use expensive and inexpensive paper depending on the client’s demand. The company was established in 1989 and it has been 30 years since they are managing their operations well. They have opted for new trends in the packaging industry as well.

Now they use automatic machines to cut different shapes of cardboard and print the designs on cosmetic boxes. Then they are pushing themselves to deliver the best packaging boxes to their clients. They don’t just manufacture but also manages gift packaging supplies as well. In the cosmetic box category, they make lipsticks boxes where you take out one and the next one is available to pick up. There are simple boxes that are used to put different creams lotions, color palettes, and perfumes. Then, there are custom cosmetic packaging boxes that have more than one product and have a plastic window for attractive packaging. 





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