Super-Amazing Chinese Tea Packaging Box

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  • Date:2021/09/01

Do you know that you can change a whole perspective on the taste of tea to your clients by the packaging only? Well, this might have left you into a dilemma. However, the real fact is there is more that comes into the mind of a customer just from the packaging of the product. Moreover, you will find it far much easier to convince someone that such product is a quality product from the packaging done.


With this in mind, Whats’on Box ensures that you receive the best through their high-quality as well as delicate boxes which make your product seem to be for the elite groups. They have more than 30 years of experience in the product of tea packaging boxes hence they can integrate different designs with different markets with the aim of luring the customer in purchasing the products without hesitating.


They use highly advanced technology for the best quality on the boxes manufactured. Among the technology in use, the use an advanced Germany Heidelberg color printing machine, automatic box-shaping machine, foldable box machine and many other facilities which focus in ensures that they produce the best packaging boxes that everyone will fall in love with.


Why Go For the Whats’On Box Chinese Tea Packaging Boxes ?

Most of guys out here are in search of luxury gift boxes through which they can gift someone creating an amazement just from the packaging used only. With this, Whats’on Box ensures that you get these luxury gift boxes wholesale at affordable pricing. The pricing done on the order made is quite exciting in comparison of the quality assurance you receive.


Furthermore, Whats’on Box ensures that they maintain a strong communication with their customers whether they be new or old customers. This is to always ensure that its designers provide different packaging solutions on different customer needs. In addition to this, they incorporate the customization aspect as they are open to your personal ideas on what you need. As a matter of fact, before you receive the whole order, Whats’on Box first gives you samples to ensure that you get what you exactly need. In the case you need changes on the sample provided, you will just have to communicate and everything is then done perfectly.



Features of The Chinese Tea Packaging Box

Every luxury gift box always features an attractive aspect making it unique from most of other packaging boxes. This is what makes most people feel amazed whenever they receive gifts whether they be small or huge gifts. To this amazement, Whats’on Box ensures that their products are fully attractive them being a custom luxury gift boxes supplier. Among other features that characterize this Chinese Tea Packaging Box are the following;

  • Perfect book shape box which is the best for being the Chinese gift box design
  • These tea packaging box is universal as it can be used as a Chinese gift packaging box or also as a moon-cake gift packaging box. Furthermore, it is perfect for the Chinese style products on their designs.
  • Creates an elegant as well as an ancient image through the silk holder and the 6 tin boxes included in the box.


Product Specs

  • The product brand is Whats’on Box
  • The model of this product is CC-23
  • Materials used include a Tin Box for Fabric as well as Tea Holder, 1300 Grey Board together with 120g Double-Coated Paper.
  • Contains glossy lamination on its surface with 4 color printing for maximum protection of the packaging box.
  • Contains a minimum order quantity of 2,000 pieces
  • The size of the packaging box is 35cm by 20cm by 8.5cm




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