The Best Shoe Packaging Boxes That Will Make You Sell

  • By:What's on box
  • Date:2021/08/16

Well, when doing a shoe selling business, you are assured of competition that at times could be overwhelming. With high competition, the thing that will give you competitive advantage is on the unique factors you will add on to your product. One of the best advantages you may take on your competitiveness in any industry is on the flat pack shoe boxes packaging of the products. As a result, you can never ignore the idea of incorporating the flat pack shoe boxes at all cost.


This might seem a small idea but it will definitely never disappoint. You will make sales twice as much as your competitor with an ergonomic packaging. The highest reason as to this is because proper packaging speaks much about the product by its own than having the product without packaging. With this, let’s have a quick check on what will be the best shoe packaging boxes that will increase your sales.


Packaging Boxes Quality Assurance

All you need when it comes to quality assurance is well catered to ensure that you get quality shoe packaging boxes. First and foremost, you will get the shoe packaging boxes from Watson Printing and Packaging Company. Whats’on Box has been known to dominate the market in the manufacture and production of packaging boxes of all types. They have been known to give the best boxes which make products sell within no time.


Their high experience in production of the packaging boxes together with designing what will sell is what makes them to be unique to most of other producers in the same market. They are dedicated in producing high quality together with delicate boxes which are not only targeted in normal products but also the high-end products hence giving them a new look.


Product Features

These shoe packaging boxes are characterized with amazing features that make you fall in love with them. They are made to be used in packaging the shoes which will have the African them or a similar cultural theme design. This, therefore, makes them to be attractive to everyone.  In addition to this, they feature the following;


· Foldable Design – This is one of the best features which ensure that you can easily carry along the packaging boxes from one area to another without halting their actual design. You can place several boxes together and when in need of use open them.

· Custom Printing Design and Picture – To ensure that you have the best experience from the packaging boxes you receive, these boxes usually allow you to have a custom design that you love. All you need is contacting Whats’on Box and they will have the design made for you. In addition to this, you can share some ideas and they will deliver the samples to assure that you love the design they are to feature in the packaging boxes.

· Highly Durable and Recyclable Kraft Paper – The Kraft paper used in making the shoe packaging boxes is a high quality through which it uses the rope design matches. This makes it to be of a high quality matched together with high durability hence you can put the shoes on display for a very long period of time.


Product Specs

  • The brand of this product is Whats’on Box
  • The product model is S-9
  • Material used in production of this shoe packaging boxes is a 450g Kraft paper and Robe
  • It features a surface treatment of 4 color printing
  • The minimum order quantity required is 4000 pieces.
  • It measures 32cm by 13cm by 9cm




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