The Truth About Wine Gift Packaging: From Bottles to Boxes

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  • Date:2021/05/14

Whether it’s a celebrated vintage from a bygone era purchased at auction or a cheap selection grabbed from a display near the register for a fast weeknight dinner or Sunday picnic, wine must be shielded from oxygen. It’s the wine gift box packaging that does this, and while that packaging doesn’t stir the type of emotion that the wine inside may, Most people have a single and firm choice on the packaging of the wine they drink.


So, why centuries have passed since the glass bottle was first introduced, but it is still the most popular and leading type of container at the moment?


Well, the 300-year start that bottles enjoy features a lot to try to do with it because tradition still means much when it involves wine. most people believe the wine they drink should be during a glass with a stem and are available from a bottle with a cork. And, to be fair, glass bottles do an excellent job of protecting wine, no matter whether they’re sealed with a cork or a screw cap or an artificial stopper. For sparkling wines or wines which will be stashed away for an honest while, glass is usually considered the simplest option, albeit barrier properties for plastics are improved.


Nevertheless, the wine gift box packaging is changing, if gradually. Although glass bottles are the main packaging used in most countries and regions, regional differences are not significant in terms of packaging preferences. In China, consumers are pretty stubbornly committed to the “classic wine experience” that has wine (often French, usually red) during a glass bottle and sealed with a cork.


What’s prompted the move far away from glass bottles then, once they do what they are doing alright, and have tons of built-in market advantages?


They tend to cost quite other wine gift box packaging options, and costs tend to interest almost everyone. Also, glass bottles are heavy and expensive to ship. Plus, they will break if you’re not nice to them. In contrast, empty boxes and cartons are lighter, they don’t break, and that they are often shipped when they’re flat. That’s to not say that tumbler bottles are without green credentials, though: they’re recyclable, and producers have also introduced lighter-weight bottles.


So the next time you host a crucial dinner guest, or you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the primary time, don’t feel you've got to succeed in for a bottle with a cork. That wine gift box packaging can prevent money, and therefore the embarrassment of not having the ability to seek out your corkscrew.




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