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  • Date:2021/08/12

Packaging is one of the most crucial sectors in the world presently. Nearly every product must be packaged from the manufacturer's warehouse for it to reach the customer in good shape. While there are many packaging suppliers in the world, few have mastered their art perfectly and have dominated the market with quality products. Here is a pick at the Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd., which is one of the great manufacturers of bakery boxes with window, customized pizza boxes, as well as other bakery packaging supplies.


Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd., also known as Whats'on Box, after over 30 years of experience now, can readily fabricate and produce a variety of high-quality boxes varying from wine boxes, toy boxes, shoe boxes, tea box, jewelry gift box, nutrition product box, chocolate gift box, among other high-end packaging boxes.


Why choose Whats'on Box ?


Quality designs

Different customers require different shapes and designs for their bakery boxes. Most customers also need customized pizza boxes. Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd. involves high-class designers in the design of different box shapes. On the other hand, a design file is used in the production of the printing film, which produces high-quality and high detailed designs.


Fast delivery

According to the agreement with the customer, Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd. are keen to ensure that they meet their deadlines. Generally, they deliver on time with a failure rate of a maximum of 1 to 2 days. On the other hand, they safely ship your bakery packaging supplies carefully so that you can get what you ordered.


Hand making

Involvement of handmade tasks within the production of the different bakery packaging supplies helps in increasing the quality of the supplies made, as well as ensuring the exquisity in each box. Complicated designs require highly skilled workers. This process is employed after the processing of materials, which is done by machines. Processing of materials by machines helps in increasing the preciseness of the different bakery boxes.


High process scrutiny

While having the right machines is key to ensuring perfect products, an inspection of products by a quality control team is a key component, especially to ensure that the specifications of the customer are met. With the employment of two tiers of product inspection, Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd ensures that all its products meet all customer requirements in addition to governmental requirements as well as other national and international specifications.


Price and purchase

Quality products necessitate proper channels of material purchase and release in the different departments. As such, Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd employs a steady workflow from design to the end product. Additionally, good pricing has ensured that Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd continues to offer value for the money to their customers.


Watson Printing and Packaging CO. Ltd continues to audition new products and designs every day with the aim of being a leader in innovation. They also help in the conservation of the environment through constant recycling of waste materials gathered during different processes within the company.





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