All your wine needs now, is a Whatson Wine Box!

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  • Date:2020/07/31

Whatson Box is a renowned custom wine box packaging company that specializes in the production of high-quality and delicate boxes including wine boxes, toy boxes, candy/chocolate gift boxes, cosmetics gift boxes, shoe boxes, tea boxes and jewelry gift boxes among others.  Established in 1989, we have more than 30 years of experience in the packaging and custom wholesale wine box industry, which enables us to understand the importance of quality design and great service. With the recent acquirement of an advanced Germany Heidelberg-color printing and foldable box machine as well as an automatic box-shaping machine, we now produce a large variety of wholesale custom wine boxes and as a wine box packaging company, we are confident that our products and services will not only satisfy our customers, but also keep them coming back for more. 

Our custom wholesale wine boxes  is one of our most popular products. These boxes are custom designed and printed to accommodate each customer and wine product individually. These wholesale boxes are not only suited for wine bottles, but are also adaptable to Whiskey, Gin, Brandy and Beer bottles, depending on the needs of our customers. Designed from strong cardboard, each design is tailored to represent the uniqueness of the product and type of bottle. The outer layer of these custom designed wine boxes come in a uniform color of either elegant gray, stately black or clean white, with the inside lined with colorful printed paper to accentuate the quality of the wine. Along with custom printed designs or logos for the lid and outer cardboard, these boxes can be mass produced to the volume of 10 000 boxes in 8-10 days. As a wine box packaging company, we advise our customers to keep these boxed in a clean, dry environment for optimal care.

Customers can contact us directly via our website, for inquiries, designs and orders. Once we have received an order, production begins with strategic inspections points on each line of production to ensure the best quality products. Each batch produced also goes through an intense quality test once completed to ensure that all the products maintain our high quality standard. Once completed, these wholesale custom wine boxes are packaged in standard cardboard boxes at a volume of between 6-16 wine boxes per carton, ready for delivery.

If your desire to add the perfect finishing touch to your prized couture collection of wines, there is no better way to showcase the quality of your wine than through customized packaging. Not only does a custom designed wine box testify to the quality of your wine, it is also perfect for gift sets, special occasions or promotional items. We encourage you to visit our web page for more details on each of our specialized wine boxes, to discuss your custom design or to place and order. As a leading wine box packaging company, we at Whatson box are dedicated to your satisfaction and service.






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