The design of the packaing box can be divided into three main parts cosisting of the choosing of material, the box surface treatment craftwork and the box shape design. The choosing of material can determine the position of the product, the surface treatment is to mainly express the idea of the product design and the box shape is to match the product style. The material includes the paper material and the other special material.

Normally, Gsm will be used as an unit to measure the thickness of the paper. 300 gsm paper is thicker than 100 gsm paper. Moreover, the surface of the paper can be covered by coating material or not coverd. The coated side can be printed in colorful and beautiful effect. The not-coated side can also be printed, but the feeling will be rough and not elegant. Usually, one box is not constituted by one kind of paper, but many kind of different paper together, such as the combination of double-coated paper + greyboard + cardboard, which means the top layer is double-coated paper and bottom layer is cardboard with greyboard inside.

Card Board

A/B/C cardboard, with one side coated, the other side is rough. The price is cheaper than double-coated paper and single-coated paper. The printing effect is not as good as double-coated paper. So it is normally used as the inside box paper with prited LOGO. At the same time, this paper can have thicker gsm, which can reach 350-450 gsm.


Double-coated/single-coated paper, can also be called art paper, the coated side can be printed better picture effect than cardboard. The double-coated paper have coating material on both side and single-coated paper only have one side. Since the coating material can not be thick, The thickness of art paper is small, normally range from 120-250 gsm. Appropriated for the box surface printing.


Greyboard, there are no coating material on both side, but it can be maked very thick and with a fairly low price. The thickness ranged from 300gsm to 1500gsm. Mainly used as the centr paper of the box to supply hardness and thickness.

Fiber greyboard

Fiber greyboard, a new kind of greyboard, which is added some fiber material inside to let it become more strong and elastic with the same thickness. Appropriated for those creative packaging design which need the box to be thinner and elastic.

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper, the middle layer paper is wave-shape paper. Since the usage of paper is not too much and the wave-shape paper can supply strong hardness, so the price of corrugated paper is fairly low. There is W, F and B shape corrugated paper. Because there is many empty space inside the middle layer, this kind of paper is not appropriated for high-class packaging box design, but suitable for carton box or some casual product packaging design.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper, brown paper which is produced from waste paper. Therefore it is recyclable and durable. At the same time, the brown color is very suitable for simple box design. Usually we do not print things upon the paper but we will use some surface treatment on it such as stamping. This material is very popular in foreign country.

Special paper

Special paper, a kind of paper which have special color and grain. Usually it only need simple printing. At the same time, it also has some special feature such as pearl color or glossy surface. All these features can not be approached by printing. Very suitable for high-class boxes desing.

Binding Paper

Binding Paper, a mix of fabric and special paper. The surface is flat but with colorful and clear grain. This paper is durable and can be saved a long time. It is suitable for those elegant book, jewelry, perfume, watch and wine packaging.

The packaging boxes are mainly paper box. But if it can use some other material, the box can be more attractive.


Woodboard, appropriated for those heavy and solid product. It can also protect the fragile product, such as wine.


PVC, a kind of transparent and elastic material. suitable for those small window on the packaging box so that customer can see the product through it. can also be used as the packaging box of fast consuming box.


Leather, soft material with special grain and deep color. The soft touching of leather is a great match of those noble product. Therefore, some of those leather product, high-class product or collection product will use leather as the outter packaging material.


Glasses, there are two main ways of using glasses. One is for the outer packaging material to present the feeling of heavy and transparent. Altough PVC is also transparent, its light weight makes it good for fast consuming product design, but glasses is more suitable for high-class product design. The second usage is the mirror inside the toy box or children style box to make the box multi-functional and creative.


Fabric/silk, there are two applications of the cloth. One is for the outter box material. this will make the book look noble and with soft touch. It will be great to use with sponge together. The second application is put inside the box as the product holder. Usually, we will use it with foam or paper together to show that the box is noble and elegant.


Foam, mainly used as the product holder inside the box.


Sponge, mainly used as the prodcut holder/protector inside the box. Sometime it will be used in the outter box to make the box soft.

Medal hardware

Medal hardware, mainly used inside the catalog. Sometimes the locker will be used in the iron or wookboard box to make the box precious.

In order to present the design idea. every box will need surface treatment. Precisly, this is the spirit of the box.


Printing, the basic presenting way. Usually it can be divided into 1/2/3/4 colors priting. Sometimes it will be added a special color, which will require the paper to go through the machine again to print the special color.


Stamping, suitable for those glossy text or picture design. The bulge text or picture can give customer a feeling of high-class.

Bubble stamping

Bubble stamping, an evoluation of normal stamping. All the bubble stamping text will be bulge to create the stereo feeling.


Embossing, normal paper are all smooth. Embossing can produce the grain on the paper to make the paper rough and with stereo feeling.

Glossy lamination

Glossy lamination/Matt lamination, plastic material is coated on the surface of paper to protect the paper. The touching feels smooth. The surface of glossy lamination is glossy and the matt lamination is matt and deep color.

Glossy oil

Glossy oil/ Matt oil, a special oil material can be applied on the surface of the paper to protect the paper, but the touching feels rough.


Bulge/Invagination, some craftwork similar to embossing, but this is for the bigger area treatment. Usually used for some logo or text treatment to outstand them.

Colorful UV

Colorful UV, put matt lamination on the surface and thicken the text or picture part to make the text/picture bulge. Colorful powder will be applied on the surface to make it shiny. This is suitable for those artistic text or elegant picture treatment.

Connecting box

Connecting box, the top and bottom of the box are connected together. This kind of box can be fordable and flat deliveried. It used less paper and has a good price. It is suitable for fast consuming box design.

Top and bottom box

Top and bottom box, the top and bottom of the box are separated. This kind of box can be made into shaped box or flat-delivery box. Normal box design is suitable for those popular product design.

Book shape box

Book shape box, the top and bottom of the box are connected together. Connecting box is using one piece of paper for one box, then book shape box is using several paper for one box so that it looks like a box when closing. This kind of box usually close by magnet and is suitable for high-class box design.

One-piece box

One-piece box, The evolution of the book shape box, this design allow shaped box to be flat deliveried. suitable for creative design.


The application of packaging box is so wide that most of the product all need packaging. Here, we are listing some popular pacakging box application in our life.


CD/DVD - mainly some light paper packaging box.


Costmetics - mainly high-end series box design.


Wine - mainly red wine packaging box including simple convenient box and high-class fassional box.


Chocolate - mainly high-end box in different shape.


Toy - includes simple box design for creative toy or colorful design for kids' toy.


Shoe - Watson's major product so far including simple creative design and elegant heavey design.


Nutrition - mainly colorful high-class box design.


Watson's product advantage is the concept that it always conduct - the high-class custom production. This advantage is mainly achieved in five ways including the excellent design service, the abundant purchasing channel, the quality control that we pay most of the attention on, the beautiful hand-made work and the on-time delivery.

  • Design Cutting Mould

    Design Cutting Mould

    Making film

    Making film


    Design Service

    When customers place an order, our design department will design the box shape for customers, or we will use the customer box detail to design the box shape. Using the design file, we will produce the printing film and the cutting mould.

  • Small Material Stock

    Small Material Stock

    Paper Stock

    Paper Stock

    Ink, Glue and Metal Stock

    Ink, Glue and Metal Stock


    Purchasing Channel

    When customers confirm our sample,  we will purchase the material according to the material list from design department. Our abundant purchasing channels can ensure that we can always achieve most of the design scheme except some of the sepcial material will need us to find inside the market.

  • Rolling Paper Cutting

    Rolling Paper Cutting

    Finished Cutting Paper

    Finished Cutting Paper

    Preparing Printing Machine

    Preparing Printing Machine



    Mounting Paper

    Mounting Paper

    Cutting Paper

    Cutting Paper


    Quality Control

    We pay a lot of attention to it. When all the material is ready, we will process the material in a series of mechanical work. First of all, we need to cut the paper into different size, then we print the picture on it and do the lamination. After all, we will cut the paper into specific shape using the cutting mould at the end. Each process we will have first-check and second-check to make sure the quality is good before the product is flowed to the next process. For more detail, please read the Quality Control column.

  • Hand Made Workshop

    Hand Made Workshop

    Hand Making

    Hand Making


    Hand-make Work

    When every material is processed, they will be flowed to the next step, the hand-make workshop. Every 10 makers will be divied into a team and each team will have different hand-make task. The more difficult box will need to combine more material together, so it will always allowcated to the skilled team to do. Working with the carefully quality control, we can ensure the exquisite of each box.

  • Product Stoc

    Product Stoc

    Wasted Paper Recycle

    Wasted Paper Recycle

    Carton Boxb Cutting

    Carton Boxb Cutting

    Carton Box Printing

    Carton Box Printing

    Shaping Carton Box

    Shaping Carton Box




    Delivery Time

    For each order, we will have a production plan to stipulate which product will be on which process on which day. The production will not be stopped or paused during the production. Sometime we may need to delay 1-2 days due to some unexpected situation. So we can control the delivery time right in 1-2 days. For those urgent order, we can be exactly on-time without any delay. Moreover, we will also produce standard carton box to carry the product so that the prodcut is protected. We will collect and recycle all the wasted paper together.




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