O-13 Buld Packaging Box

  • Buld Packaging Box
  • Model: O-13
  • Material: 450g Kraft Paper
  • Surface Treatment: 1-color Printing
  • MOQ: 4000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. Buld packaging box. Creative and fashional surface design. Can be used as environmental-friendly product or creative product packaging design.

2. Concise packaging design. Using a simple kraft paper to make a box. But the highlight is on the surface design. Designers use the chalk painting to draw many cartoon patterns, the buld model and product information. It gives people the feeling of environment-friendly and promote the product position.

3. The other highlight is the open window on the box. Customers can see the buld through the box which is a vision impact of product and cartoon picture together. Also customers can see the product quality from the box as well. The inside kraft paper is also printed the cartoon patterns to make a simple kraft paper become high-end and fashion.

4. The only material is kraft paper which is the best environment-friendly packaging material. Very suitable for LED lighting.




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