Packaging Paper- Flower Leaf

  • Model : Flower Leaf
  • Size : 50cm X 70cm
  • Material: 160g double coated paper

PRODUCT Description

Design concept

This wrapping paper is called flower leaf.

The pattern is only showed some simple flower and leaf which color is also monotonous.

Even so, when you are in bad mood,

you will feel that there are still many beautiful things in this world,

but we just do not know how to find and record it.

Please remember, the simple item will have its beautiful point.


Product Sharings


Flower leaf packaging paper is made from a variety of materials that includes glossy, matte, and semi-gloss. This paper is also available in several colors and can be used for creating various types of product packaging. This paper has been used as packaging material not just for flowers, but also for cards, bookmarks, pens, luggage tags, and many more. These packages can be printed with or without designs. However, the most commonly used design is the one that depicts a rose.


Flower leaf packaging paper is commonly used as labels for CDs, The paper is also used for wrapping gifts and wrapping gift items such as custom folding paper boxes, presents boxes and so on. This paper is also widely used for printing menus on restaurant menus. It is also used for printing out business cards, flyers, billboards, signs, and billboards. 


Flower leaf packaging paper comes in a very wide variety of colors. The most common color is blue, but there are also some shallow colors available as well. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, then you can opt for the colors of purple, yellow, and red. These color choices are great if you are going to use the paper to display gifts that have a very bright color, such as the Christmas ornaments.


Flower leaf packaging paper is also used for wrapping gifts. Many people like to give gifts, but do not want them to be average,so when gift packaging box is covered by this flower leaf packaging paper, its apperance become attractive immediately. This is why most young  opt for the flower packaging paper for their presents which are sent to their countpart. This will make sure that the gift gets delicate and suprise for its mysterious feeling and it won't be opened quickly.


There are many ways to use flower leaf packaging paper. It has been used for a long time for the purpose of adornment and promotion. Choose a kind of what's on box's products to make your elaborate gifts right now !




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