S-4 Shoe Packaging Box

  • Shoe packaging box
  • Model: S-4
  • Material:
  • Inner Box - 900g Greyboard + 250g Kraft Paper + Knitting Bag
  • Outter Cover - 1000g Greyboard + 120g Double-Coated Paper + Fabric
  • Accessories Cover - PVC
  • Surface Treatment: Silk Printing
  • Size: 35*20*15cm
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. Shoe packaging box. Both main product and peripheral product are packed together. New concept of pacakging. This can also be used as smart phone or some electronic product with accessories packaging design.

2. Concise packaging idea. Designer use one-color kraft paper combined with cardboard and silk printing LOGO to make the box as simple as possible. From the outside, you may just think it is a simple but creative shoe box. This kind of design is very welcomed by young people.

3. However, when you open the box, you will find out it is not just a box. The box is divided into many functional area. The box carrying shoe is also made by kraft paper and PVC plastic with a label showing the shoe size and shape on it. It makes the shoe box very cute. Also inside the shoe box, the shoes is packed by a knitting bag and LOGO is also printed on the bag. Simple but really make customer feel superior. The prepheral product are is make by PVC plastic. Transparant PVC can make customer see all the "equipment" to increase their likeness of the product. This design is very suitable for those formal shoes packaging.

4. All the different part of this box can be flat-delivery. Very convenient.




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