C-11 Perfume Packaging Box

  • Perfume Packaging Box
  • Model: C-11
  • Material: 450g Cardboard
  • Surface Treatment: 2-Color Printing, Glossy Lamination
  • Size: 10.5*4*11cm
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature 

1. Perfume packaging box, can also used as cosmetics or personal-care product packaging desing.

2. Foldable or flat delivery, sticked by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Connecting box design.

4. Light colore theme design. Each box will have different picture design but all box are using the duplication of a single picture to create impressive image.There is always a English word on the bottom to show the product position and product feeling to customer.

5, Custom printing picture and design.

Product Custom

1. All material are normal material and the box has few hand-made work to do. The estimated production time of 10000 boxes is 6 days.

2. Glossy lamination can protect the box from scratch. Be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3. Standard carton box packaging. Around 800 boxes in one carton box.

Product Knowledge


Perfume has become modern day essential item of human life. These are contemporary form of fragrance. These objects are quite delicate and pleasing, and yet their durable preservation is mandatory in a parallel to its aesthetic nature. That is why, Custom perfume packaging boxes serve this very important function satisfactorily. As custom perfume boxes manufacturer, What's on box knows that because of their distinctive designs, these perfume boxes can be used as perfume display cases. Also they are perfectly shaped for easy and quick packaging of the perfume. 


The perfumes can be stored in these beautifully designed containers for years at a stretch. And these are not just for storing perfumes but also various other aromas and essential items. In fact, these are much more useful as compared to other common storage containers for perfumes, which are generally the boxes made up of corrugated cardboard or plastic. In general usage, these containers occupy large amounts of space, moreover it is very difficult to keep them clean because of their porous structure.


The perfumes which are used to pack the perfume packaging boxes are specially manufactured, keeping in mind the specifications of the perfume bottles. Various other materials are also used to manufacture them. But all this requires sufficient time and efforts in order to make them perfect. The main reason for using these specially designed boxes is so that they can preserve the fragrances for long.


When we talk about the perfume packaging boxes we come across many varieties. Basically, these are divided into two categories one for perfumes and another for electronic or electric items. These specially made boxes can carry small electronic devices. It is available in attractive shapes and design, both in closed and open packaging. The perfume bottles are securely fastened with strong metal clasps, which prevent spillage of the fragrances.


You can also use the perfume gift boxes wholesale. This will save your efforts, as these are available in a very low price. You just need to select the type of box you require and place your order online. Most of these packages are delivered right at your doorstep. Moreover, there is no need for you to be worried about the quality as the manufacturers always try their best to deliver the best products to meet all your needs.


If you are looking for ways to save your time and efforts then these perfumes and perfume packaging boxes are just right for you. There are many delicate perfume packaging boxes on our website where you can easily buy these custom perfume box packaging. You just need to keep your patience and search through the many options so that you find the best one according to your needs. The price range of these products varies according to the material used and the size in which they are packed. Hence, you need to choose the one that best suits your budget.




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