C-2 Candle And Tealight Packaging Box

  • Candle and Tealight Packaging Box
  • Model: C-2
  • Material: 450g Single-Coated Paper and Silk
  • Surface Treatment: 1-Color Printing
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. Candle and tealight packaging box, can also be used as cosmetic or personal-care product series design. Appropriate for those series product which has main color.

2. Foldable or flat delivery, sticked by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Connecting box design.

4. The main color of the packaging is dark grey. Based on it, many different color was added to the box to distinguish different type of product.

   Appropriate for those product which has same appearance by with different property.

5. Customer printing picture and design.

Product Custom

1. Silk need a long purchasing time, but the box has few hand-made work to do. The estimated production time of 10000 boxes is 7 days.

2. The box do not have glossy lamination. Notice to protect the box from scratch. Be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3. Standard carton box packaging. Around 1000 boxes in one carton box.

Detail Description

At whats’on box, we make customized candle packaging boxes, candy boxes, customized wine box, cosmetic and gift boxes that are not only a treat for the eye but are also light on the pocket as well. With the change in the market trends, custom packaging boxes have become an integral part of marketing strategy as it quickly captures the attention of the customers and boosts sales. 

Are you on the lookout for a custom candle packaging that looks sophisticated but is budget-friendly as well? if yes, then you are where you exactly need to be. If you are a candle lover then you must be aware of the limitless use of candles. With the advancement in research, it has been found that candles are not only a source of lighting but they also provide a number of health benefits as well. Lighting candles have proven to reduce anxiety levels and uplift mood as well. Candles are a symbol of love, humility, passion, and light.

 They have a wide variety of uses ranging from decor to lighting them for meditation and at celebrations to create an ambiance. There are different types of candles available in the market like votive candles, pillar candles, scented candles, decorative candles, and taper candles. Each one of them having their own unique function and use. 

In order to make your candles long-lasting and protect them from the harmful effects of the environment, they need to be packaged. Whats’on box are candle packaging box wholesalers,  at the company we make high quality and spectacular packaging boxes with great care. One of the company’s top seller is the C-2 candle and tealight packaging box. With its eco-friendly and diverse design pattern, the packaging box is multi-purpose and it can be used as a personal care or cosmetic packaging box as well. The box is made up of 450 gram single coated paper and the inside of the box is lined with silk. The single coated paper ensures brighter and sharper images while printing thus giving it a finished look. The box has a very aesthetic design, it is dark grey in color, and based on various products different colors are added to the box. The C-12 has a connecting box design, is foldable and it is stuck by using pressure-sensitive adhesive. The box is very delicate and it does not have gloss lamination so it needs to be dealt with care to protect from scratches. At the company, we offer customized candle packaging so our customers have the opportunity to design the boxes according to their requirements. We offer our clients a wide variety of shapes, finishing options, sizes, and materials to choose from, and our professional designer and technical will guide them at every step of the way so their imagination can come to life. Since it is a customized box so we request our customers to make a pre-order of at least 3000 boxes (MOQ) beforehand to avoid any future inconvenience.




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