C-6 Body Care Packaging Box

  • Body Care Packaging Box
  • Model: C-6
  • Material: 450g Single-Coated Paper
  • Surface Treatment: 4-Color Printing + Glossy Lamination
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Prodcut Feature

1. Body care packaging box, can also be used as cosmetics or tealight packaging design. Appropriate for those colorful product design.

2. Foldable or flat delivery, sticked by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Connecting box design.

4. Colorful design theme. Each series of the product will be given a main color to reflect the usage of the product. It can effectively catch customers' eye.

5. Custom printing picture and design.

Product Custom

1. All material are normal material and the box has few hand-made work to do. The estimated production time of 10000 boxes is 6 days.

2. Glossy lamination can protect the box from scratch. Be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3. Standard carton box packaging. Around 800 boxes in one carton box.

Product Knowledge

Body care packaging box is used for products that need to be protected from harmful environmental elements. These include many different cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, and skin care products that are packaged in a pretty decorative box with an attractive color scheme. The box is usually designed with the product name and logo to add to the attractiveness of the package. Many companies offer packages specifically for women's body care products such as body care packaging for sensitive areas, body care packaging for men, and body care packaging for kids and infants.


Body care packaging is also used as tealight or candle packaging wholesale design too. Usually compatible with most standard-sized cartons. Flat or foldable packaging, stuck by double-sided pressure-sensitive tape. Connected with tiered packaging design. Many companies offer this as gifts and promotional giveaways. One of the advantages of body care packaging is that it has the ability to create an impact on the consumers because of its color, shape, size, and design. It can either complement the brand image of the company or it can create brand differentiation. There are a variety of packaging options, and they are built for utility and effectiveness.


This can be regarded as an efficient and inexpensive way of creating awareness about a particular product. It can also be regarded as a cost effective way of promoting a new product. For example, if the box has attractive graphics and a striking color scheme, it will make the consumer remember the brand for a long time. The box will have more impact than other marketing tools. Thus, in order to maximize the box's utility, a company must think of a unique way of designing the box that catches the attention of a consumer. It is the aim of all the cosmetic companies to provide a quality body care product. The packaging has a major role to play in promoting the company's products. Therefore, companies must invest on the packaging process by creating a superior quality box, which will enhance the value of the product.


A good packaging box will facilitate the easy accessibility of the products. In addition, it will provide a perfect protection to the product. Therefore, a company must take care of the entire packaging process from design conception to manufacturing and promotion. It will ensure the business longevity and success. Some of the important aspects of the body care packaging are its shape and size. The shape of the boxes should match with the product. In case of bottles, the boxes should fit into the bottle without any problems. In case of soap bars, the boxes can be cylindrical or round. Shampoo bars or body lotion will require the body care packaging to be cylindrical or square. The size of the boxes should be in accordance with the product.




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