CC-14 Candy Packaging Box

  • Candy Packaging Box
  • Model: CC-14
  • Material: 350g Cardboard
  • Surface Treatment: 4-Color Printing + Matt Lamination
  • Size: 3*2.8*14cm
  • MOQ: 5000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. Candy packaging box, can also be used as cookie, chocolate or special souvenirs packaging. Appropriate for those gift packaging with special ethnic styles.

2. Foldable and flat delivery, sticked by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Drawer box design, popular box shape for snack packaging.

4. Animals shape design to catch customer's eye. It can also express special ethnic cultures. Appropriate for souvenirs packaging.

5. Custom design.

Product Knowledge

The best custom candy boxes are the nice way to current your favored sold or home made goodies in special way. You can fill up your candy present container with nearly any type of sweets, from toffee, peanut butter, mints, toffees, candies, jelly beans, candy sprinkles, and so many others. These candy packing containers provide an completely new seem to be to the simple present pack, attracting children in captivating sweet trays. 

This is one of the satisfactory items that can be given for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and so on. The best custom candy boxes packaging is accessible in exclusive shapes, shades and sizes in accordance to your person needs. They are in particular designed to seem captivating and attractive to youngsters and adults alike. You can purchase these packing containers both in bulk or by using pieces. Whatever you choose, you will get them packed professionally to ensure safety.

Wholesale candy packaging is favored over ready-made containers due to the fact you can customise them to meet your requirements. For example, if you prefer to add a photograph of a cool animated film persona to your packaging, you can order in particular designed sweet container packaging substances to print the picture. For baby's first birthday, you can use infant red and blue packaging material. If your baby grows up and marries, you can use wedding ceremony colorings to wrap him or her in a wedding ceremony theme container stuffed with candy. Personalized sweet container packaging offers you the chance to make your product stand out amongst the rest.

With this, you will be in a position to carve your area of interest in the market. When you order customized sweet boxes, you specify the diagram and colour of every container separately. For example, you can order a white field or a crimson container that has a photograph of an ice cream sundae on it. It all relies upon on your preference.

The best custom candy box additionally affords numerous advantages. First, it is very long lasting and does now not effortlessly degrade beneath warmth and light. You do now not have to change the whole sweet present container after simply one season. If there is a mild trade in weather, for example, a mild frost, you can without a doubt do away with the contents and put it returned as it used to be before. Candy packaging field is additionally surroundings friendly.

You can additionally order customized sweet bins if you favor some thing extra special and distinctive than what is accessible in the market. You can pick the form and diagram in accordance to your taste. You can request frosted shades, custom containers made out of exceptional substances or even get your emblem printed on the packing itself. All these prices rely upon the extent of your advertising marketing campaign and the quantity of bins that you want to purchase.




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