CC-2 Coffee Packaging Box

  • Coffee Packaging Box
  • Coffee Packaging Box
  • Material:
  • Green Box - 500g Kraft Paper
  • The Other Three Box - 350g Kraft Paper
  • Surface Treatment: 2-Color Printing
  • Size:
  • Black Cup Pack - 4*13 cm
  • Green Box - 4*4*17 cm
  • Red Box - 6.5*4*18 cm
  • Orange Box - 7*4*16 cm
  • MOQ: 3000 Boxes

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. Coffee series packaging box. It can also be used as tea packaging box. Appropriate for those classical brewing drink packaging.

2. Except the green box, all boxes are foldable and can be flat-deliveried. Foldable boxes is sticked by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Column box is hard and solid and gives customer the image of classic and high-class. The connecting box uses less paper. This design positions coffee as fast consumer goods,which is cheap and taste fairly well.  Appropriate for those series packagings which are divided into many different classes and market.

4. Kraft paper is recyclable and durable. It also has the classical feeling, which can outstand the main theme of the design.

5. Custom printing picture and design.

Product Custom

1. The main material is the kraft paper. We are using Kowloon kraft paper, which has deep brown color and is tough and tensile.

2. The main hand-made part is the curving of the green boxes and the combination of the orange boxes.

3. Since the purchasing of the Kowloon kraft paper is a little longer, the estimated production time for 10000 boxes is 7 days.

4. Kraft paper is rough paper, it will be good for deliverying and storing. But pay attention not to squish the green box. Also be carefully of dust.

5. Standar carton box packaging. Around 1500 cup pack in one carton, 100 green box in one carton, 1000 red box in one carton and 1000 orange box in one carton.





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