DIY-1 Expandable DIY Box-Cartoon

  • Expandable DIY Box-Cartoon
  • Model: DIY-1
  • Material: 250g single coated paper
  • Surface Treatment: CMYK-color printing
  • Size : the main box – 20*13*9.5 cm hexagonal box
  • Inside small box – 9.6*6.5*5cm hexagonal box
  • MOQ: 2000 boxes

PRODUCT Description

Expandable form: There are 24 paper can be stick the photos, which is are made up of the different parts which are foldable heart-shaped card, S-shaped card, heart-shaped wall, hexagonal turnover card, simple turnover card, accordion card, infinite turnover card, stand card, foldable card(cover with chatting records)

Product Feature

1.     This expandable DIY box is a funny box, which can be stick with the different kind of photo.

      The photos should be recorded the wonderful memory with the person who you give this box.

2.     The inside small box is used to place some gift, like chocolate, earing, candy and so on.

3.     After the 24 paper have been stick different photos, you need to make the photos toward the middle to show by a big box.

4.     Custom printing picture and design.


Product Custom

1.     Even if the single coated paper will be in stock,

      the different parts with the different size have the complexity technology and lots of hand-made.

      The estimated production time of 100K boxes is 15-17 days.

2.     This expandable DIY box could not Foldable and flat delivery.

3.     Standard carton box packaging. 




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