E-4 Electronic Corrugated Cardboard Product Box

  • Eletronic Packaging Box
  • Model: E-4
  • Material: 120g kraft paper, 250g kraft paper,800g grey board, Sponge
  • Surface Treatment: single color printing
  • Feature : simple, convenience
  • Size: 32cm*22cm*9cm
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. This kind of electronic corrugated cardboard product box is suited for the product has the different parts which needs to be separated .

    Inside the box, there are a lot of concave of different shape to place the corresponding component,

    which let the product more high-end.

2. On the backside of the top of the box, it has some sponge to fix the position of the component.

3. The product pattern will be printed on the surface of the box, which make the buyer know what they buy. 

4. This design would be simple and convenience, which can better to highlight the characteristics of the product.

5. Shaped box cannot be foldable or flat delivery

6. Custom printing picture and design.

Product Custom

1.  The lead time :

    100k is about 12-14 days.

    200K is about 19-21 days.

    300k is about 26-28 days.

2. Be noticed to protect the box from scratch, be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3. Standard carton box packaging.



 Corrugated mailer boxes - The future of the packaging industry


 Affordable, customized, strong, and eco-friendly corrugated mailer boxes have created a revolution in the packaging industry. Made from corrugated paper, these guys are the strongest and the most dependable packaging material which you will come across. With the changing trends, customers are always on the lookout for cheaper and stronger shipping material that provides a hassle-free experience as well. These customized mailer corrugated boxes come with flaps and wings, which makes the assembling process easier and quicker since you do not need an adhesive to assemble it. The corrugated mailer boxes are ideal for shipping any kind of electronic, clothing, and consumer goods. It’s no wonder these corrugated mailer boxes are becoming a staple in the packaging industry.


What’s on box is one of the leading mailer box wholesale suppliers in China. At what’s on box, we have an extensive portfolio, and we are sure that you will find something which suits your packaging needs. Our highly experienced team immerse themselves in your products, and brand enabling us to provide personalized services for your business to tailor the right packaging, which portrays the image of your brand in the most eyecatching way.  With our state of the art machines and our highly talented design team there to guide you, designing and defining your customized packaging needs is now easy as 1,2,3!


Why use corrugated mailer boxes? Well, that’s a smart question. While browsing through the endless possibilities, we have found that these corrugated mailer boxes are affordable and super lightweight, which makes the additional shipping cost of the weight of the box go away. At whats on box, we have introduced the e-4 electronic cardboard corrugated mailer box. The box has a very simple and eye-catching design, keeping in mind the convenience of the consumers. In addition to being super sturdy and strong, these boxes consist of concave structures, which makes them ideal for companies looking to ship a product that comes with a variety of adjustable parts or parts that need to be separated. The custom mailer corrugated box comes in a size of 32cm*22cm*9cm, which is big enough to ship wall clocks or other electronic equipment. At what’s on box, we strive to provide our customers with quality products which is why the e-4 is composed of 125g, 250g Kraft paper, and 800g gray board which makes it safe from piercing, damage and ensures safe delivery. The inside of the box is lined with a sponge to fix the position of the components and to provide extra safety. Still not convinced? well, we have saved the best for last. These corrugated mailer boxes are eco-friendly which means they are made up of non toxic material and are recyclable as well. What’s on the box is a mailer box wholesale supplier, and we provide our customers the option to customize their boxes with their printing and design. When you select a corrugated mailer box, it gives you the additional benefit of swift printing, which makes the box look more sleek and trendy, creating a lasting impression on your clients. 





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