O-8 IPhone Accessories Packaging Box

  • IPhone Accessories Packaging Box
  • Model: O-8
  • Material: 500g Kraft Paper
  • Surface Treatment: 1-Color Printing
  • Size: 14*11*6cm
  • MOQ: 4000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1. IPhone accessories packaging box. Foldable box divided into many sections. Can also be used as Smart phone or electronic accessories classification packaging design.

2. Concise packaging style. Using only one kraft paper to make such a complicated packaging box. According to the black and white product main color, the surface is printed LOGO only to keep all the thing simple and beautiful.

3. No glue is needed in this box. It can be flat delivery and also can be combined together to make a nice box. The box has been divided into many different sections to carry different part of accessories. The designers have been working hard on the cutting and layout design to make this box looks simple from outside and looks abundent and cool inside.

4. We are using tough and thick kraft paper to make this box environment-friendly and durable.




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