Packaging Paper- Romantic

  • Model : Romantic
  • Size : 50cm X 70cm
  • Material: 160g double coated paper

PRODUCT Description

Design concept

A couple of romantic lovers should have a lot of memories about the things they did together.

This wrapping paper should be the most details among our wrapping paper.

There have the tellurion, star, moon, dessert, rose, bird, boat & bike with balloon.

All these things add up together to make up a beautiful dream.

When two person truly love each other,

they will want to let him or her to go far away and have a happiness life without sorrow and anxiety.

Product Knowledge

What's on box's romantic packaging paper can be a wonderful surprise for anyone. It can be used for wrapping gifts, especially for those that are for the women. It can also be used for many other purposes, though it's not necessarily for romantic reasons. This paper comes in many different colors and patterns and they are very attractive to look at. They come in many different sizes, which can help you make sure that your paper is going to fit where you want it to go.


You can use this type of paper to wrap presents with our custom luxury gift boxes for all kinds of different occasions. You can make your gift seem even more romantic if you do so with the right colors and the proper pattern. You can find patterns that involve roses or hearts or even candy canes or wedding cakes. These are all things that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient and can bring you a bit of joy when you present them. This can also work for other things, too, since you might bring in something romantic to show a loved one and they happen to like it.


Choosing the right colors is important when you're using this type of paper for romantic gifts. It should be something that they will remember you by and that will make them feel special. The packaging paper can be in a soft pink color, but it might even be embossed with the recipient's initials or the date that they were married.


You will find that when you buy this type of packaging paper which will be uesd in personalised packaging boxes that it can viewed as the best present for any people whom you give. However, if you have never used this type of paper before then you may be surprised by the sheer variety of designs that there are so you can easily pick something out that suits the occasion.





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