Packaging Paper- Thanksgiving Day

  • Model : Thanksgiving Day
  • Size : 50cm X 70cm
  • Material: 160g double coated paper

PRODUCT Description

Design concept

Thanksgiving Day is the most important day in the western country.

In that day, each family member will have the dinner together to eat the turkey.

This wrapping paper is showed that the hug, love, heart, some album,

and some words about the appreciate.

In my opinion, we should thank the person who help you about the work or live every day,

because they help you deal with the problem

and let you learn some new knowledge which will have the great effect in your future.


One of the things that is needed in every household is the proper paper packing or the cushioning of fragile objects. In the olden times, there were wooden crates used to ship valuable and fragile objects, which are made of corrugated paper. Today, these crates are still used, but now with foam or plastic as covering.


Paper of corrugated packaging box objects range from common household articles to heavy appliances like refrigerators, ovens and freezers. Some of the commonly packed household items include dishes, China, silverware, glassware, copper pots and pans, tablecloths and napkins. Of course, these are the common household articles but there are also items like electronic devices and wheelchairs. For shipping purposes, such objects need to be covered with either paper or foam board. Such packing is also necessary for fragile appliances, which should be covered by cushioning material of a certain thickness.


The main purpose of the paper packaging or cushioning is to protect the objects during shipping. During the Thanksgiving Day, People are apt to choose delicate paper to package their presents to make surprise to familes, friends, teachers or their loved. So the items that are not fragile can be packed in corrugated paper packaging without any covering. Besides, In celebrating Thansgiving day, Some stores will set the promotion of blinded-boxs in which some superising little gifts would be put inside but no one could know before they unclose them, which brings forth mesterious meaning.


If your objects are very fragile and cannot be shipped in traditional wooden crates, then you can go for the specialised boxes or bags, which have special pockets and flaps provide suitable cushioning for the objects. These special boxes or bags are called as packing tape and are manufactured from either corrugated cardboard or vinyl. They come in different colours, designs and are custom-made according to your needs. For further information on these boxes or bags, you can check out some of the websites of leading suppliers of these products.


Another great option to cushion your fragile objects is the bubble wrap or wrapping paper. The advantage of using bubble wrap is that it is very light and can be easily carried from place to place. There are a wide range of options available in the market for packaging your objects using this product. You can choose corrugated boxes or bagged cushioning material depending upon the type of object that you are going to package. There are various types of boxes and bags available in the market like the bubble wrap, eco-bags, polythene bags, hard plastic and etc.


One of the best ways of packaging fragile objects is through the use of custom corrugated cardboard boxes. Most of the movers, packers and shipping companies use corrugated cardboard sheets for shipping objects and packages. A big variety of boxes and bags are available in the market today. You can also get your own boxes manufactured or custom-made to suit your individual or business needs. These are the best options for packaging your objects for effective protection and safety.




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