T-2 Toy Packaging Box

  • Toy Packaging Box
  • Model: T-2
  • Material: E-wave Corrugated Paper With One Side Coated
  • Surface Treatment: 4-Color Printing, Glossy Lamination
  • MOQ: 4000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Product Feature

1Toy packaging box, can also be used as snack and children stationery. Appropriate for those colorful children product design.

2Flat delivery and foldable, Sticked by pressure-sensitive adhensive.

3Connecting box shape design.

4Colorfule design can attract children. The text and LOGO are all colorful to match the color of the product. It can impress customer.

5Custom printing picture and design.

Product custom

1All material are normal material and the box do not have too much hand-made work to do. The estimated production time of 10000 boxes is 6 days.

2The glossy lamination can protect the box from scratch. Be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3Standard carton box packaging. Around 800 boxes in one carton box.

Product Knowledge

There are numerous toy packaging boxes available online. But choose the right kind of packaging materials you need is good for your business. With the help of What's on box' toy packaging boxes, your toys will look more attractive to the customers. Many toy companies now use these boxes to show their great packaging materials and offer customers great value for their money. You will surely be able to gain a lot of profit by getting the right boxes for your business needs.


There are several different kinds of custom boxes wholesale available in the marketplace. while what's on box sells the top-quality custom boxes at an affordable price. To create our business stand out from the crowd, we utilize the latest printing and design technology to provide the most excellent packaging material for their customers.


Generally Speaking, Aside from toy packaging boxes, our have custom boxes wholesale used for clients. These boxes are durable and very easy to clean because they have double walled compartments and laminated surface. These toy boxes can be stackable too  because it helps to protect the products and prevent them from damage during transit.


There are several advantages of using custom boxes wholesale. You can have a lot of great options to choose from when choosing the perfect product boxes for your products. You can choose from a wide variety of durable plastic and paper based boxes with free design prints for your toy products. You can also get a lot of options in choosing the right color and print for your packaging needs. With free design options, you can print the logo of your company or brand on top of the box to give it a more professional look.







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