W-15 White wine box

  • White wine box
  • Model: W-14
  • Material: 1.Top-Special paper+magnet
  • 2.Bottom-1200g Grey board
  • Surface treatment: 1.Top-Silver stamping
  • Feature : the integrated design
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces

PRODUCT Description

Produt Feature

1.     This White wine box is the integrated design, which will let the produce more valuable and easier to open

2.     On the surface of the book, the special printing skill make the logo and the company and banner become dimensional.

3.     Shaped box can foldable or flat deliver .

4.     Custom printing picture and design.

Product Custom

 1.  The lead time :

     100k is about 12-14days.

     200K is about 19-21 days.

     300k is about 22-28 days.

2. Be away from dust and keep the box clean and dry.

3. Standard carton box packaging.

Product Knowledge

All wine enthusiasts should have a deep knowledge about the wine gift boxes to have a clear idea about their quality. This is because wine gift box packaging creation has lots of unique methods. Therefore, wine lovers who are willing to purchase wine gift box packaging should pay a little more attention on the quality of boxes before purchasing.

The traditional types of wine gift box packaging were those gift boxes made up of heavy paper and used some type of ribbon to tie them. However, the new types of these gift packages are produced with various materials such as leather and fabrics. The most popular of all is the paper wine boxes. Such paper wine boxes are available in various designs and sizes.

In this case, paper wine packaging boxes are cheaper compared to other packaging boxes. They have the same quality as any other packaging. In addition, the elegance related to these paper wine gift boxes is very amazing. It can be made according to the requirement of wine lovers who desire to give it a better look.

Another interesting type of wine gift box packaging is the turnkey packaging. Many wine lovers love to keep wine bottles in their houses but they do not like to buy bottles of wine for themselves on account of the fact that they do not find the time to open it. In such cases, wine  turnkey packaging is available.

It is a very simple method to obtain wine turnkey packaging. If you have internet at your home, then you can get many websites providing the same service. You can even order a sample cost of wine turnkey. After placing an order, you will receive a pack of wine wrapped in a beautiful paper along with detailed information about the same. This is one way through which you can keep track about the prices of wine varieties. This information will enable you to select the best among them that fits in your budget.

However, wine gift box packaging and wine turnkey packaging are not at all difficult to find. It has been almost 20 years since there was a boom in the manufacturing of wine. Hence, many companies have come up that provide excellent wine gift packaging to make the occasion memorable. So, no matter what kind of occasion you want to hold, wine gift packaging box is a good option.




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