MGM Gift Packaging Box Solution

One of our client, MGM, bring us a sample box made in foreign country and want us to make a similar one. Eventually, we make a satisfying sample by using our abundant purchasing channel and packaging experience. To make it, we have several problems to solve.

A. Paper Material

1. The paper material from client sample is a kind of special paper with specific color and grain. At the beginning, we can not find such paper, but we found a kind of paper with the same grain but different color. We supposed to ask the supplier to make the same grain but in our color. However, because special paper supplier will only make serveral popular paper for inventory, if we ask them to make custom paper, the amount should be large. Our customers is afraid of large amount of inventory, so this is not working.

2. Then, we found another paper with the same color but without any grain. We can use embossing craftwork to make some grain on it. Customers were still not satisfied on the grain. Since the grain are normally made on the paper when the paper is producing and still soft, but we applied embossing on the produced paper which is hard. When the glue is applied on the paper, the grain will be more shallow, but it will still keep the shape of the grain. After communicating with customers, we knew that what they concern is not the shape of the grain, but the touch feeling of the box. So when the grain become shallow, the surface will become smooth.

3. Then we should look for some grain that is deep enough so that it still have rough surface even though it was applied glue on it. Moreover, we also used the possible largest pressure to emboss the paper. Finally, customers were satisfied with our paper material.

Confirmed Paper Material


1. The logo is made by the stamping craftwork. At first we were using the aluminum stamping board, but customers is not satisfied with the outcome since there is still very small dot on it. Then we found the copper stamping board to solve this problem. The copper stamping board is more precise than alumunum one.

Gold Stamping Board

2. However, some size of boxes need the logo to be very small. When the logo is too small, even copper stamping board can not approach that definition. So we do some experiment to get out the smallest size of the logo which can still keep the logo definition. Eventually customers agree to change the logo size after our communication.

Gold Stamping Effect

C. Inside holder

  1. The gift box is used for dice or power bank. The inside holder is using the sponge material with the largest density that we can find. Also, customers need creative design, then we design several solution for them to choose. Customers were satisfied on the inside holder.

Inside Holder Design

2. Since customers want high density holder, we also suggest them to use EVA material, we can also purchase EVA material and make a sample for our customers to compare.


Sponge Material


EVA Materia

D. Hand craft

1. For serverl samples, our customers complain the edge of the box should have a round angle, but we have made the box into a right angle shape. Since we have better experience than our customers, we will guide our customers such like, we said this is not a problem actually. Since if we use nail to scrap the edge, it will turn into a right angle, if we do nothing on it, it is still a round angle. It depends the manner of the hand craft worker. Our customers express understanding and we promised to customers that all the hand craft worker will not scrape the edge when making large amount of product.

Round Angle

Scratch Right Angle

Right Angle

As a solution maker, we will satisfy our customers' need as possible as we can and will also guide them or give them suggestion to improve our service.

This is the final products that we made for MGM.

Final Product

Final Product Inside

Final Product Detail




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